Services We Provide

Here at Dragon's Designs we provide several great
services.  We are a not only a designer Jewelry company  
we also provide gemstone therapy jewelry.  Our specialty
is creating customized, specialty  Jewelry with or with out
the therapeutic aspects depending on our customers
preference.  Not everyone believes and or is interested in
the metaphysical properties of gemstones.  We
completely honor and respect that and are happy to offer
our designer only services in these instances.

We have several purchase options.

Our Jewelry is available on Creators outlet .com.  We
have some on E-Bay and you can check out our E-Bay
online store dragons designs .You may purchase jewelry
from this site, or you may call us and we can take orders
over the phone.  We also have our studio located just
outside of  Beautiful Paonia Colorado.


Custom made Designer Jewelry

Custom made Gemstone Therapy Jewelry