About Our Business

Here at Dragon's Designs we have a mission.  Our purpose is to
create the perfect unique piece of jewelry, fit individually for each
customer.  In doing so we can assure that all the energies are
harmonious and the stones, color and purpose of the jewelry used,
will assist the wearer to  heal,  evolve spiritually, and or  many other
positive needs or missions. This healing of humans, with the
assistance of gemstones( a blessed tool and gift of Mother
Earth)ensures that not only humans heal, evolve  and grow but in
turn by doing so directly heal Mother Earth.

I am a gemstone intuitive and I have been working with stones and
making jewelry all my life.  But  It is not just making beautiful
jewelry. It is a wonderful way to apply a positive and effective
healing method, another form of Gemstone therapy. It is important
to be able to match stones, with the right person, for the right
reason.  In order to improve this even more I received my Reiki
Master/Teacher in 2003.  This enabled me to include another  
powerful healing method Reiki in combination with the gemstones.

We also believe that jewelry should not only be function (healing)
but beautiful.  In the last few years we have ventured into jewelry in
the form of art.  These pieces are powerful.  They have been
created with the intention of taking steps beyond healing with just
unseen energy but combined with the concept of visual healing.
Not only healing to wear but healing to look at.

Dragon's Designs has proudly become a finalist in Fire Mountain
Gems Contest in two categories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We will get you pictures
as soon as possible.

About Us